Gift set “Basic Solitaire 24”


Gift set “Basic Solitaire 24”


Solitaire Basic 24 – this gift set is made on the basis of a book that was published in 1880 in St. Petersburg, in the Lito-Typography of V. Grazyansky on Nevsky Ave. near the Passage. № 46.

The kit includes:

20 high quality dense maps with layouts of 20 solitaires (4 do not need a picture),

A book describing 24 old solitaire games (52 pages),

4 decks of cards for solitaire layouts,

Футляр-шкатулка из натурального дерева для хранения,

Canvas bag for transportation

In Dahl’s Explanatory Dictionary Solitaire is “a cartoon of meleda, the fun of putting cards in different order, sometimes with a fortune-teller.”

The first solitaires appeared around the end of the 14th century in France, ostensibly for the amusement of King Louis XIV, and the first rules of the game of solitaire appeared already under Napoleon. One of the very first solitaires was called “Beauty Lucia” and its original name was “La Belle Lucie” (it is in our collection). Solitaires are usually used as a fortune-telling, if the solitaire comes down, the plan will come true.

In Russia, solitaires got after the Patriotic War of 1812 and immediately gained popularity.

They remain one of the most beloved games to this day.

Additional information

Weight2300 g
Dimensions350 × 210 × 90 mm

145, 144


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